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The 2023 State of Data Intelligence Analyst Report

The 2023 State of Data Intelligence Analyst Report

The ESG 2023 State of Data Intelligence report offers key findings from Quest’s annual survey research of 220 IT and line of business respondents that you can use to benchmark your organization’s current data intelligence efforts for data governance, data maturity and data democratization.

An annual barometer to highlight where organizations are investing and benefiting, the State of Data Intelligence research can help you understand the progress of peer companies in their data intelligence and governance related-initiatives and provide data to assist in development of your organization's data intelligence strategy. Key topics in the 2023 report include data governance drivers and impacts; data quality; data intelligence strategies, priorities and ROI; and self-service data marketplace usage and benefits.

Sample Insights in the Report

"Quality data continues to gain value and importance every year. Companies, both large and small, are becoming increasingly more reliant on strategic business decisions predicated on data input and analysis. It, therefore, comes as little surprise that the perennial top driver of data governance programs remains the improvement of data quality.”
"The top four data intelligence strategy areas respondents reported that their organizations prioritize or will prioritize include improving enterprise-wide data literacy, maximizing the strategic usage of high-value data, enriching data quality and implementing strong data governance practices."
"Respondents using a self-service marketplace reported that end users were two times as likely to have access to data within an hour and 90% more likely to have access to data within hours than those not using a self-service marketplace."

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The 2023 State of Data Intelligence Analyst Report

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