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Maturing your data governance program with data intelligence

Maturing your data governance program with data intelligence
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  • Fecha de grabación:Feb. 28, 2023
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Maturing your data governance program with data intelligence

Starting and evolving a data governance program is one of the most important efforts you can invest in to not only govern and protect the data within your organization, but to maximize the business impact of its value. Data intelligence can provide the fuel to help you rapidly mature your data governance effort and show tangible, sustainable results along each step of the way. Attend this 30-minute session and learn: 

  • How to measure your organization’s current data governance maturity 
  • The key data intelligence capabilities that can support a data governance evolution 
  • How erwin by Quest can help you deliver greater data value to the business in 7 steps  

Register today and see how you can use data intelligence to drive governance and deliver data value. 

Want to learn more about the erwin by Quest data maturity model? Get the 7 Steps to Maximizing Your Data Value eBook.

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