Advancing AI governance via data intelligence

Advancing AI governance through data intelligence
  • 録画日:Mar. 21, 2024
  • イベント:録画版
Advancing AI governance through data intelligence

AI has the power to help your organization disrupt, innovate, generate faster data insights, cut costs and increase productivity. But trusted and responsible AI is dependent on high-quality, trusted data and transparent, observed and accessible data intelligence serving as a strong foundation for its use.

In this 30-minute webinar, Susan Laine from Quest® will discuss how and why data intelligence is integral to a successful AI strategy and governance framework.

You’ll learn how data intelligence can:

  • Provide a marketplace of trusted internal and external datasets and a model-first approach to data products
  • Deliver one location to curate, govern and make high-value AI models available across your organization
  • Ensure AI model training data remains in line with quality and ongoing data observability benchmarks
  • Establish a compliance and audit-ready approach for responding to any future AI regulatory requirements

See how erwin® Data Intelligence by Quest® can help you establish a foundation to advance your AI governance efforts.



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