Maximizing the value of data catalogs

Maximizing the value of data catalogs
  • 録画日:Mar. 23, 2023
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Maximizing the value of data catalogs

When it comes to data management and data-driven applications, enterprise data catalogs are essential. Data catalogs collect metadata and other information about how data elements are defined, modeled, related and where the data is located.

Data catalogs can help you easily improve data quality and encourage reuse and collaboration. They also empower users to locate data from diverse sources. And now, advances in automation and the infusion of AI/ML are modernizing data catalogs. Tasks such as populating the catalog, classifying metadata and removing duplicates can be done automatically.

See how to maximize the value of your data catalog, in this TDWI expert panel webinar. You’ll learn how data catalogs can: 

  • Minimize risks through more effective, automated and continuous data governance
  • Handle large and diverse data volumes, extract metadata automatically and infer missing data and relationships between data elements
  • Support data curation, which looks beyond static inventory and data management to increase the data value



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