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Data Intelligence: Empowering the Citizen Analyst with Democratized Data

Data Intelligence: Empowering the Citizen Analyst with Democratized Data

The priorities of the “citizen analyst” is to find the right data assets and then use them to quickly prototype reports and analyses, develop visual presentations, and craft the appropriate data stories to advise senior management.

Of course, this job has been easier said than actually accomplished due to numerous data management issues. Enter data governance to help the citizen analyst combat these challenges through greater awareness of and access to available data assets, data literacy to understand how to use the assets, and guardrails to ensure data policies are followed throughout.

But to fully empower the citizen analyst, the data landscape must be surveyed so critical information can be collected, collated and published for strategic decision-making. Such democratized data leads to data intelligence, insights that produce actions to keep customers happy, invent new products, generate more revenue, whatever the desired outcome is.

This white paper by David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity, Inc., and data management and business intelligence expert, explores data intelligence processes:

  • Reconnaissance – Metadata assessment and discovery
  • Surveillance – Monitoring changes to data sources
  • Logistics and Planning – Mappings of data pipelines and lineage
  • Impact Assessment – How changes impact the environment
  • Synthesis – Holistic perspective with specific business terms
  • Sustainability – Up-to-date and correct data intelligence
  • Auditability – Oversight and governance

Then he discusses how to evaluate data intelligence software products. So you don’t want to miss this opportunity to become an empowered citizen analyst with a high data IQ.

Data Intelligence: Empowering the Citizen Analyst with Democratized Data

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