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Empowering Business Users with Data Intelligence

Empowering the Business with Data Intelligence
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  • Data di registrazione:Apr. 26, 2022
  • Evento:On demand
Empowering the Business with Data Intelligence

The data within your organization is only as useful as its ability to be recognized, understood, and properly leveraged across the business. As organizations and data landscapes expand and grow more complex, so does the challenge of providing the data visibility and governance needed to support business users.

View this on-demand recording of a live webcast and learn how data intelligence software can empower data analysts and other business users with self-service data discovery and data knowledge to work more effectively, leverage data to its fullest potential, and reduce the dependency on IT teams. Learn how business-friendly asset discovery and access to interactive visualizations such as data lineage and mind map knowledge graphs can help business users quickly pinpoint and understand the data assets most useful to their needs. And how collaboration and social capabilities can tighten business partnerships with data governance teams and raise data literacy for all.  

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