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Data Intelligence Webcast Series - 2022

Join us each month for a live 30-minute webcast where we will show you how erwin Data Intelligence improves data awareness, capability and knowledge to support data governance and business enablement.

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With data growing widely throughout your organization and an increasing call to be data-centric, having an accurate, up-to-date view of your enterprise data without automation is nearly impossible. Automated data lineage provides a solution.

Automated data lineage ensures IT, data governance teams and business users have visibility of your enterprise’s data. It also enables teams to use AI and governance to tie relevant business assets to the flow of data to manage both the business and technical aspects of your data pipelines.

View this recording in our Data Intelligence Webcast Series and learn how erwin Data Intelligence by Quest® can provide the automated data lineage capabilities to:

  • Discover the data flow within and surrounding your analytical environment
  • Detect and expose data quality issues, to remediate and apply the needed data forensics
  • Observe and trace PII and critical data as you manage the data pipelines
  • Establish an audit-ready environment for privacy and regulatory demands 




Today’s business leaders recognize the competitive advantage that being a data-driven enterprise can yield. In fact, in a 2021 Quest State of Data Governance research study, 84% of respondents stated their organization’s data represented the best opportunity to develop a competitive advantage within the next 12 to 24 months. But how you can efficiently bring together all of your organizational roles and disparate systems, applications, and processes needed to capitalize on the opportunity your data presents? And how can an integrated strategy and approach to data intelligence, data modeling, enterprise architecture, and process modeling increase your ability to succeed?

View this 30-minute session and how erwin by Quest® can provide the foundation and integration needed to:

  • Deliver enterprise-wide data visibility, support data governance, and raise data literacy across your organization
  • Standardize and govern data design and deployment within your organization to ensure alignment and control throughout the entire data lifecycle
  • Align data to your enterprise capabilities, processes, applications, and infrastructure for the true holistic enterprise view needed to plan and pursue modernization and business transformation




Data profiling and data quality assessments are essential elements to truly understanding the data across your organization and its fitness for use, as well as any risks it presents. Without clear, immediate, and current views of data quality – from data sources to data targets and through all transformations in-between – IT, data governance teams, and business users are at a disadvantage in ensuring that poor data isn’t resulting in costly inefficiencies and misinformed business decisions.

View this on-demand webcast and learn how new, integrated data quality automation capabilities within erwin® Data Intelligence by Quest® can help you: 

  • Leverage data catalog metadata to initiate the need for data profiling and quality assessments 
  • Take advantage of automated data profiling and data quality scoring capabilities to get a true view of the fitness of your data 
  • Share current data quality measures widely with all data stakeholders and consumers through data intelligence and discovery capabilities such as data lineage, relationship mind maps, impact analysis and more 




Each year erwin by Quest sponsors the State of Data Governance and Empowerment research study to better understand the top data governance and data empowerment concerns, strategies and drivers for organizations invested in better leveraging and protecting data.

View this on-demand webcast for an overview of key highlights from this year’s research and see how your organization may be stacking up against peer companies in your pursuit of data governance and the challenges you currently face. Identify timely areas of focus to consider as you evolve the data governance and empowerment strategies that will lead your organization forward.

This year's research additionally provides new insights into how DataOps initiatives are being pursued by data-driven organizations and the value DataOps presents. Join us and discover the findings that may help you identify your next data empowerment initiative or help to support a needed investment business case.




Learn how to use your data to its fullest potential and reduce dependency on IT teams in our next data intelligence webcast.

With newly released erwin Data Intelligence 12, you’ll see how business users can:

  • Take advantage of business-friendly self-service data discovery for enterprise-wide data visibility
  • Access data literacy visualizations, such as data lineage and mind maps with data quality scoring, to quickly find useful data assets
  • Communicate and collaborate with data stewards and owners
  • Contribute within a data-driven community to raise data literacy 

Presenter: Susan Laine, Director of Solution Strategists, erwin by Quest




Data quality, data intelligence and data trust are tightly interwoven. And all three are critical for the success of data governance programs.

See how erwin® Data Intelligence by Quest® can provide you with the data quality transparency and capabilities needed to:

  • Fuel a culture dedicated to improving data quality to reduce operational costs and risks
  • Give all within your organization the visibility needed to assess data fitness and use data with confidence




The data within your organization is only as useful as its ability to be recognized, understood, and properly leveraged across the business. As organizations and data landscapes expand and grow more complex, so does the challenge of providing the data visibility and governance needed to support business users.

View this on-demand recording of a live webcast and learn how data intelligence software can empower data analysts and other business users with self-service data discovery and data knowledge to work more effectively, leverage data to its fullest potential, and reduce the dependency on IT teams. Learn how business-friendly asset discovery and access to interactive visualizations such as data lineage and mind map knowledge graphs can help business users quickly pinpoint and understand the data assets most useful to their needs. And how collaboration and social capabilities can tighten business partnerships with data governance teams and raise data literacy for all.  




View this recording of a live webcast to learn how can you unlock the full potential of advanced analytics by using erwin Data Intelligence to support DataOps.  See how to increase business and technical stakeholder data literacy, automate the delivery of on-demand data insight, speed analysis of data fitness, reduce cycle time in maintaining and deploying high-quality data pipelines, and implement a flexible governance framework that ensures the right people have the right data, for the right use, at the right time




View this on demand recording of a live webcast where we introduce erwin Data Vault 2.0 automation. 

Data Vault 2.0 is a system of business intelligence that comprises architecture, modeling and methodology. It goes beyond traditional data warehousing approaches to provide an agile, scalable, repeatable system for data and analytics delivery. Automation helps teams to cut the complexity and time in delivering and operating data vaults.




View this recording of a live webcast and learn how you can quickly discover, collect, visualize and understand your data's organizational journey through its metadata and automation - from initial data source to final target, and all data transformations in-between.

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