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Data Vault Automation with erwin and Snowflake

Data Vault Automation with erwin and Snowflake

Snowflake’s Data Cloud contains all the necessary components for building, populating and managing Data Vault 2.0 solutions. erwin by Quest’s toolset models, maps, and automates the creation, population, and maintenance of Data Vault solutions on Snowflake. The combination of Snowflake and erwin provides an end-to-end solution for a governed Data Vault with powerful performance.

erwin and Snowflake have formed a partnership to collaborate on developing and deploying an enterprise data platform within Snowflake using erwin tools. With that partnership, erwin has been able to create the automation necessary to build out a Data Vault architecture using the features and functionality of Snowflake.

The erwin/Snowflake Data Vault Automation Solution includes the erwin Data Intelligence Suite by Quest, erwin Data Modeler, by Quest and the Snowflake platform. The solution covers all aspects of the data warehouse, including entity generation, lineage analysis, and data governance, plus DDL, DML, and ETL generation.

The erwin automation framework within erwin Data Intelligence generates Data Vault models, mappings, and procedural code for any ETL/ELT tool. erwin Data Modeler adds the capability to define a business-centric ontology or enterprise data model (EDM) and uses this to generate the Data Vault artifacts.

Read this white paper to learn more about how this solution could work for your organization.

Data Vault Automation with erwin and Snowflake

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