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Metadata Management: The Hero in Unleashing Enterprise Data's Value

Metadata Management: The Hero in Unleashing Enterprise Data's Value

Creating and sustaining an enterprise-wide view of and easy access to underlying data about your data is a tall order, but it’s really important.

In fact, metadata management is key to wringing all the value possible from data assets because it answers a lot of important questions:

  • What data do we have?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Where is it now?
  • How has it changed since it was originally created or captured?
  • Who is authorized to use it and how?
  • Is it sensitive or are there any risks associated with it?

When approached manually, metadata management is expensive, time-consuming, error-prone and can’t keep pace with a dynamic enterprise data management infrastructure.

And while integrating and automating data management and data governance is still a new concept for many organizations, its advantages are clear.

Learn what they are and how to establish a foundation for agile and complete metadata management.

This new white paper also examines how to evaluate tools to automate and accelerate the speed to meaningful insights for better decision-making.

And it includes a case study on an international energy company that’s using metadata management and data governance to accomplish strategic goals, including but not limited to regulatory compliance.

Metadata Management: The Hero in Unleashing Enterprise Data's Value

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