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IDC Perspective: Data Intelligence in the Future of Intelligence

IDC Perspective: Data Intelligence in the Future of Intelligence

“The most cited critical lever in running a digital business in 2023 is using data and intelligence strategically, but the biggest challenge organizations face is building a data-driven business and culture.” – Stewart Bond, VP, IDC data intelligence and integration software research

The IDC Future of Intelligence framework offers data leaders insight and guidance in the pursuit of building an enterprise with intelligence. Download the IDC Perspective: Data Intelligence in the Future of Intelligence to learn how data intelligence can serve as the foundation in building your enterprise intelligence.

Review this IDC analyst report to discover:

  • How IDC defines enterprise intelligence and data intelligence
  • The four IDC Future of Intelligence framework pillars needed to achieve enterprise intelligence
  • How data intelligence serves as a foundation towards the success of each pillar
  • The value of metadata management solutions, data catalogs, data marketplaces and other key data intelligence-related capabilities

"Organizations with a high level of data intelligence, compared with organizations with a low level of data intelligence, experienced 40% higher financial improvements and 20% higher operational improvements, and 200% more organizations reported significant improvements in data management metrics" according to a recent IDC survey. Download this analyst report today to learn how data intelligence software, such as erwin Data Intelligence by Quest, can help in your pursuit of achieving enterprise intelligence and a data-driven business.

Learn more about erwin Data Intelligence here or request a demo.

IDC Perspective: Data Intelligence in the Future of Intelligence

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