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Why You Should Focus on Data Governance Best Practices

Stop us if this sounds familiar: In your organization, people struggle to quickly and easily find trustworthy, predefined and ready-to-use data assets. Whether it’s upper management, IT or individual data analysts and users, everyone spends too much time wrangling data and not enough time delivering critical insights that empower better decisions. Even worse, everyone thinks the business is compliant with major regulations like GDPR and CCPA – but nobody’s quite sure.

Effective data governance strategies can solve these common problems. As an ongoing and collaborative process across your entire organization, data governance can help you discover, track, understand and then unleash your data for maximum impact. Benefits include:

  • Improved Decision-Making – Provide controlled access and visibility to a single version of data truth, making it easy to quickly assess information and decide how to act on it.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Respond to audits and demonstrate compliance with data regulations through proper reporting and documentation, including end-to-end lineage.
  • Revenue Growth – Uncover ways to reduce expenses, create new revenue streams and even monetize your data.
erwin Data Intelligence

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