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Enterprise Architecture Solutions

Enterprise architecture (EA) provides business and IT alignment by mapping applications, technologies and data to the value streams and business operations they support. Used by enterprise architects and other stakeholders, EA tools document, analyze and plan business capabilities and interdependencies as they relate to enterprise strategy – bridging the gap between ideation and implementation. An effective EA framework provides a blueprint for business and operating models, identifies risk and opportunity, and drives technology roadmaps. EA underpins IT and business transformation, helping organizations to focus on achieving successful, value-driven outcomes.
Enterprise Architecture Solutions
What is enterprise architecture?

What is enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture defines and documents the structure and operations of an organization with the purpose of determining how it can achieve its business objectives most effectively. Through analysis, planning, design and implementation, enterprise architects translate enterprise strategy and goals into supporting IT capabilities that are more visible, easily shared and understood by IT and business leaders across the enterprise. The advantages of an enterprise architecture practice are improved decision-making, rapid adaptability to changing market conditions, elimination of inefficient and redundant operations, and optimization of people, processes and technology.

Enterprise architecture as strategy

To succeed, organizations must learn, adapt and evolve. Doing so across complex enterprises with thousands of global employees and multiple technical and business stakeholders who speak different languages is challenging. Enterprise architecture as a cornerstone to any key strategic initiative increases an organization’s ability to gather, analyze, understand and act on available enterprise information and resources. Hundreds of erwin customers use enterprise architecture tools to support critical strategic initiatives, such as:
Digital transformation
Data governance
Application portfolio management
Security & risk
Regulatory compliance
Mergers & acquisitions
Big data adoption
Knowledge management
Data consolidation
Innovation management
Cloud migration
Artificial intelligence
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

Embrace new technology to drive more value, such as developing new products and services and providing better customer experiences.

Enterprise architecture framework benefits

Beyond its role within IT governance, enterprise architecture is increasingly becoming a critical component within an organization’s key strategic initiatives. In fact, by 2023, Gartner predicts 60% of organizations will rely on enterprise architecture to lead their approach to digital innovation and 65% of enterprise architecture programs will make information architecture central to all digitalization initiatives.


An enterprise architecture framework supported by enterprise architecture tools developed specifically to facilitate the creation and evolution of enterprise architecture models, frameworks, concepts and collaboration gives organizations the capabilities needed to lead and manage business transformation.

Alignment & central source of truth

Provide one source of truth about the enterprise and how it operates within a shared repository housing integrated views of strategy, capabilities, applications, data assets and more.

Reduced risks & costs

Lower the risks and costs of IT infrastructure, digital transformation and innovation management through enterprise architecture insight.

Understanding & managing complexity

Articulate and capture opportunities, challenges, trends and risks so IT and business leaders can make smarter decisions.

Effective change management

Manage change by exploring enterprise architecture model elements, links, dependencies and impact analysis through heatmaps, reports, charts and graphs.

Design thinking

Build prototypes and test how the organization should work when encountering issues and impending change.

More lucrative value streams

Identify opportunities to develop new or re-architect existing value streams for greater profitability.

Enterprise collaboration

Democratize enterprise architecture by enabling non-technical stakeholders to participate within the design of business and operating models.

Business & IT interoperability

Eliminate organizational silos and share data across operational processes, applications and models through integrations with enterprise and third-party applications.

Greater operational efficiency

Assess, balance and prioritize current operational demands, disruptions and opportunities against the long-term vision.

Why erwin Evolve for enterprise architecture management?

erwin Evolve by Quest offers enterprise architects the modeling, planning, analysis and collaboration capabilities needed to make an impact within their organizations. Developed, supported and implemented by a team experienced in enterprise architecture and with a proven record in helping complex and heavily regulated global enterprises, erwin Evolve is used to drive organizational efficiencies and transformational change. Below are a few of its key components that help companies succeed:
Flexible configuration
Collaborative platform
Enterprise models
Reports and analytics
Central repository
Professional services
Flexible Configuration

Flexibility to fit your needs

Use on premises or in the cloud and customize the metamodel, user interface and views to tailor to your enterprise.

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