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erwin Data Catalog

erwin Data Catalog by Quest is data catalog software that provides the enterprise data visibility to understand available data, where it’s located, and how it flows throughout the organization. It empowers IT teams with metadata management automation and tools to efficiently catalog, enrich and activate metadata so data assets are found and understood more quickly for data management and planning. Metadata-driven automation can be used to deliver data pipelines faster. When used in tandem with erwin Data Literacy by Quest, erwin Data Catalog provides the technical data governance foundation organizations require to maximize data potential and limit risk.
erwin Data Catalog
Tackle data quality with new integrated visibility and automation

Benefits of erwin Data Catalog

Enterprise data visibility is the technical foundation for sustainable data governance, data platform and pipeline modernization, and any organizational effort to maximize the accessibility and organizational value of data for business stakeholders. But to practically deliver enterprise data visibility, automation is critical. erwin Data Catalog fueled with erwin Data Connectors automates metadata harvesting and management, data mapping, data quality assessment, data lineage and more for IT teams. Software benefits include:

One central metadata repository

Automatically harvest, catalog and curate data-at-rest and data-in-motion metadata from anywhere into one unified enterprise metadata catalog.

Metadata-driven automation

Pair metadata with automation to fuel data management capabilities such as producing data lineage, performing impact analysis and assessing data quality.

IT data governance

Put data governance at the forefront for IT teams with integrated visibility of data-related policies and procedures.

Increased data quality

Leverage metadata to automate data quality assessment, broaden data quality visibility, and use integrated data quality tools to remediate issues.

Sensitive data governance

Minimize data risks and support IT audits and regulatory compliance with clear visibility of data sensitivity and integrated governance processes.

Faster IT project delivery

Increase the speed and accuracy of data pipelines and digital transformation projects including cloud migration, data warehouse, data lake, data vault and Big Data deployments.

Broad & deep visibility

Give all stakeholders the visibility to understand, manage, protect and best leverage data across the organization.
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Automate data cataloging with erwin

erwin Data Catalog software provides IT teams the data landscape visibility and metadata management automation to auto-document, understand, develop and manage the data delivery pipelines that today’s data-driven organizations require. Take a look:
Data Catalog dashboard
Metadata & mapping management
Data Quality integration
Detailed data lineage
Fast impact analysis
erwin Data Connectors
erwin Data Literacy
Reference data management
Lifecycle management
Data Catalog dashboard

Data Catalog dashboard

See contextual views of your entire data landscape and instantly drill into the details behind the visuals to guide data management and understanding.

Why trust erwin by Quest?

Analyst-recognized as a data catalog software and metadata management market leader, erwin Data Intelligence by Quest is used by leading enterprises worldwide, many of which are in heavily regulated industries demanding precision and transparency. Market-leading data lineage, powerful impact analysis, integration with erwin Data Modeler by Quest, and a vast proven library of erwin Data Connectors and automation expertise are just a few of the reasons companies choose to rely on erwin by Quest. With erwin Data Catalog, you will have the following capabilities:

Enterprise data catalog

Curate any metadata from anywhere with full versioning and change management, reducing expensive manual tasks and rework.

Data catalog dashboard

An easily configurable dashboard provides high-level visibility of key data cataloging metrics with drill-down access to the details needed to act, manage and protect.

Metadata harvesting

Schedule ongoing metadata harvesting from the widest array of sources, including reference data and code sets.

Drag-and-drop data mapping

Use our drag-and-drop approach for easy source-to-target mappings to eliminate spreadsheets and the errors that come with them, reducing mapping time and costs by up to 80%.

Version management & change control

Archive and baseline all mapping documentation and view change-comparison reports with built-in versioning and change control.

Sensitive data classification

Categorize sensitive data elements, complete with a sensitive-data dashboard, and drill down into this type of data across the enterprise.

Upstream & downstream data lineage

Generate end-to-end lineage, down to the column level, between repositories and view data flows from source systems to reporting layers, including intermediate transformation and business logic.

Impact analysis

Instantly identify the impact of changes to business terms or physical data before you make them.

Automated data quality

Integrate data quality capabilities with erwin Data Catalog to automate data profiling and quality assessment, expand data quality visibility, and leverage data quality tools for data observability and remediation.

Reference data management

Centrally map and manage reference data code sets to ensure accuracy and quality across enterprise datastores and applications.

Lifecycle management

Manage and socialize the gathering of functional requirements, mapping design, testing and release management of data movement and transformation projects.


Speed up data movement and transformation projects, code generation and documentation. Generate ETL/ELT, Data Vault and code for other complex data integration components with plug-in SDKs to accelerate project delivery.

erwin Data Literacy integration

Unite erwin Data Catalog with business glossary management, data stewardship, and a business-friendly data discovery and collaboration experience for impactful data governance.

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erwin Data Catalog: The First Step to Data Intelligence

erwin Data Catalog and erwin Data Literacy by Quest comprise erwin Data Intelligence by Quest. When used together, customers can extend enterprise data visibility throughout their organizations, with all of the business context and governance guidance needed to maximize data potential while minimizing its risks. IT, data governance teams and business users alike have the visibility and role-based capabilities and access needed to work smarter. And with integrations with erwin by Quest data modeling and enterprise architecture and business processing modeling software, organizations can share data intelligence benefits even farther.

Get started now

erwin Data Catalog provides the enterprise data visibility needed to know what data you have, where it is, and how to begin to unlock its potential. Start the journey to answer these fundamental questions and get ready to empower your organization with data.

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