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erwin Data Catalog

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erwin Data Catalog

erwin Data Catalog by Quest ensures that all enterprise data assets are integrated, activated and governed in a single data catalog according to business requirements.

With an accurate picture of the metadata landscape, you can accelerate digital transformation projects, including Big Data deployments, Data Vaults, data warehouse modernization and data migration for faster time to value.

Use erwin Data Catalog to automate all of the following as part of more accurate and efficient data preparation, management and governance:

  • Schedule ongoing scans from the widest array of metadata sources and keep it current with full versioning and change management
  • Map data elements from source to target, including most ETL and data asset technologies
  • Document end-to-end upstream and downstream data lineage
  • Generate code for Data Vault and other ETL/ELT tools, Big Data systems and scripts
  • Add reference data management and data profiling for business context
  • Identify the impacts of changes to business terms or physical data before implementing them
  • Gather functional requirements and manage the data integration lifecycle

erwin Data Catalog is part of the erwin Data Intelligence Suite by Quest that augments data cataloging with data literacy capabilities, including an integrated business glossary and self-service portal. erwin Data Intelligence does all of the above while enabling both IT and business stakeholders to access, understand and use data in the context of their roles and according to your organization’s data policies and best practices.

erwin Data Catalog