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erwin Evolve

erwin® Evolve by Quest® helps support strategic enterprise architecture and business process modeling initiatives, such as digital transformation, cloud migration, portfolio and infrastructure rationalization, regulatory compliance and innovation management. A deep and highly configurable set of enterprise architecture (EA) and business process modeling and notation (BPMN) tools enable organizations to map IT capabilities to business functions – aligning people, processes, data, technologies and applications for success.
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"erwin Evolve’s democratization of enterprise architecture by providing a persona-driven user interface and its providing model content across teams through enhanced website management are major differentiators for erwin by Quest in the enterprise architecture software market."

- Amandeep Singh, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, 2022 Enterprise Architecture Tools Spark Matrix

Benefits of erwin Evolve

With advanced visualization, documentation, analytic and integration capabilities, erwin Evolve gives teams the tools to tackle both enterprise architecture and business process modeling within one software suite. Hundreds of organizations use erwin Evolve to effectively tame complexity, manage organizational change and increase operations efficiency. Its many benefits include:

Easy creation & visualization of complex models

Use BPMN diagram capabilities to provide visibility and easy-to-understand intelligence from enterprise architecture and business process modeling.

Powerful on-the-spot analysis

Leverage an array of analytic capabilities to instantly explore model elements, links and dependencies, and understand the impact of change.

Centralized documentation for shared knowledge

Capture, document and publish enterprise information to support employee learning and ensure alignment around standard operating procedures.

Collaboration and informed decisions

Break down organizational silos between IT and business roles and fuel communication that empowers decision-making.

Agility & efficiency

See and act upon insights faster through integrated views across initiatives that drive business outcomes.

Lower risks & costs

Improve performance and profitability through optimized, visible process analysis and alignment.

erwin Evolve suite components

erwin Evolve provides enterprise architects and other business transformation leaders with a broad set of capabilities that can grow as organizational needs dictate. Key suite components include:
Web Platform
Web Modeler
Document Generator
Analytics Accelerator
erwin Evolve Web Platform - enterprise architecture and business process modeling

erwin Evolve Web Platform

Review, edit and analyze content, including heatmaps, reports, charts, and graphs. It can be configured to meet all stakeholder needs, supporting blended IT and business teams.

Why erwin for enterprise architecture & business process modeling?

Recognized in the 2020 and 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools and as a 2021 EA Tools Spark Matrix Leader, erwin has a proven track record supporting enterprise architecture and business process modeling initiatives in highly regulated, complex global organizations. Financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals are just a few of the industries where erwin Evolve excels when put into place for enterprise architects, innovation teams, IT and other business stakeholders. Whether documenting systems and technology, optimizing business processes and critical value streams, or managing innovation and change, erwin Evolve leads to insight and better decisions. Hundreds of organizations leverage erwin Evolve for its:

Web-based modeling & diagramming

Tackle enterprise architecture and business process modeling with robust web-based, collaborative modeling capabilities.

An enterprise-strength centralized repository

Count on a highly-performant, scalable information repository capable of supporting thousands of users through on-premises or cloud deployment.

Highly-configurable platform and role-based views

Tailor the metamodel, frameworks and user interface to your organization and provide role-specific views of a single-source of truth.

Visualizations & dashboards

View and provide mission-critical enterprise data through a variety of lenses to get to actionable insights faster.

Third-party integrations

Share data with enterprise applications such as CAST, Cloud Health, RSA Archer, ServiceNow and Zendesk.

Professional services

Leverage an experienced consulting team to get the most out of erwin Evolve and successfully implement TOGAF, ArchiMate or other EA concepts.

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erwin Evolve: part of the erwin EDGE Ecosystem

In addition to the external tools mentioned above, erwin Evolve also integrates with erwin’s data modeling and data intelligence software. With these unified capabilities, erwin EDGE by Quest enables every enterprise stakeholder – enterprise architect, business analyst, developer, chief data officer, risk manager, and CEO – to discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets to realize greater value while mitigating data-related risks. Data makes the world go 'round, which makes it everyone’s business, not just IT. So ensuring it’s integrated, activated and well-governed is the smart way to approach risk management/regulatory compliance, agile innovation and business transformation.



erwin Evolve

Full-featured enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis software
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