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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 2022 Enterprise Architecture Tools Spark Matrix

erwin by Quest has been named an enterprise architecture software leader by industry analyst Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in its 2022 Enterprise Architecture Tools Spark Matrix assessment. erwin Evolve by Quest, along with more than 15 enterprise architecture software offerings, were evaluated for companies searching for the capabilities to support business transformation efforts across people, processes, infrastructure, applications and more.

According to industry analyst Amandeep Singh, “erwin Evolve’s democratization of enterprise architecture by providing a persona-driven user interface and its providing model content across teams through enhanced website management are major differentiators for erwin by Quest in the enterprise architecture software market.

Download this Spark Matrix Knowledge Brief to discover how enterprise architecture platforms are evolving to better meet the needs of organizations that seek to be data-driven, including providing more collaborative capabilities and integrations with data intelligence and data modeling tools for a holistic approach to fueling a data-driven culture. Learn about the capabilities enterprise architecture tools provide to help organizations tackle strategic and operational initiatives such as data governance, innovation management, IT modernization, application performance management, and more.

See what sets erwin Evolve by Quest apart from its competitors in this Spark Matrix Knowledge Brief and what to consider when searching for the enterprise architecture software right for your organization.

Learn more about erwin Evolve here or request a demo.

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