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erwin Data Literacy

erwin® Data Literacy by Quest® provides the data stewardship and self-service data discovery and data collaboration tools to empower data governance teams and business users. Through business glossary management, automation and data governance workflows, data stewards and owners efficiently curate and govern data assets so that data consumers can quickly discover the data they need and understand how to use and protect it. Used in tandem with erwin Data Catalog by Quest, erwin Data Literacy delivers a clear picture of the organization’s data universe, including semantic, business and technical elements and makes it convenient to share data knowledge.
erwin Data Literacy

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Benefits of erwin Data Literacy

Enterprise-wide data visibility, organizational data literacy, and the ability to easily share data knowledge and encourage data collaboration are key to successful data governance and any other data-driven effort. erwin Data Literacy ensures data assets are easily discoverable with the business context and governance guardrails needed to guide their use. Data governance teams and business users have all the data stewardship tools, data collaboration capabilities and data literacy aids at their fingertips to work together to truly create and contribute within a data-driven culture. erwin Data Literacy benefits include:

Data visibility & governance

Visualize and navigate any data from anywhere within a business-centric data asset framework that provides organizational alignment and robust, sustainable data governance.

Data context & enrichment

Put data in business context and enable all stakeholders to share data knowledge, best practices and build communities around data assets, enriching the metadata for all.

Data stewardship

Give data governance teams the program visibility needed and supporting toolset to move data governance initiatives forward.

Enterprise collaboration & empowerment

Break down IT and business silos to provide broad access to approved organizational information.

Greater productivity

Reduce the time it takes to find data assets and therefore reliance on technical resources, plus streamline workflows for faster analysis and decision-making.

Accountability & regulatory peace of mind

Create an integrated ecosystem of people, processes and technology to manage and protect data, mitigating a wide range of data-related risks and improving compliance.

Data literacy, fluency & knowledge

Enhance stakeholder discovery and understanding of and trust in data assets to underpin analysis leading to actionable insights.

Business user socialization & collaboration

Capture organizational data knowledge through community data asset ratings and business asset communication between business users, data owners and data stewards.

Raise data literacy with erwin

erwin Data Literacy provides the business glossary management, data stewardship capabilities and business-friendly data discovery and collaboration to fuel data fluency and data governance. Take a look:

Business glossary management
AIMatch for data stewards
Friendly asset discovery
Hands-on data literacy tools
Data governance collaboration
Business glossary management

Business glossary management

Use stewardship tools to develop a common business language and assign data assets with governance including business terms, policies, rules and more.

Why erwin for data literacy?

Data literacy is founded on enriched business glossaries and the ability to socialize data so all stakeholders can view and understand it within the context and needs of their roles. erwin Data Literacy helps organizations to deliver a common business language for their data and provide the enterprise data visibility, data governance guidance, and data knowledge-sharing community that business users require to leverage data to its fullest advantage. Some of the characteristics that make erwin Data Literacy unique include:

Flexible data governance metamodel

Manage business assets such as business terms, rules, policies and more, and easily create custom assets and attributes for the full range of semantic associations between all business and technical asset types.

erwin Data Literacy dashboard

View data stewardship progress in managing business assets through a single, bird’s eye view, then drill down to the detail behind key metrics to keep data governance moving forward.

Intuitive asset search and discovery

A consumer-like, dynamic search experience makes it easy for business users to find and explore data assets with literacy visualizations, community ratings and more contextual information all within reach.

Data governance collaboration

Bring stakeholders together with flexible data governance workflows designed to advance data stewardship efforts combined with business user-facing capabilities to initiate tasks and share knowledge.

Interactive mind maps

View, drill down and filter data elements and their associations to physical, logical and data governance metadata.

Intelligent data lineage & impact analysis

See and understand data’s journey across the enterprise with lineage maps, viewed column by column or field by field, and better manage change with real-time impact diagrams.

Data quality visibility

Data governance teams and business users can view data quality scoring alongside asset search results and within data literacy visualizations to help with data assessment and build data trust.

Sensitive data discovery

Use AI to speed identifying and tagging sensitive data elements to accelerate compliance and reduce data-related risk. Or bulk classify assets through data lineage and mind maps.

erwin Data Catalog integration

Automate the creation and maintenance of a detailed metadata landscape to synchronize data literacy and governance initiatives, with integration to erwin Data Catalog.

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Data literacy: The key to data governance & intelligence

By combining erwin Data Literacy with erwin Data Catalog, you not only establish a robust and sustainable data governance framework but also increase enterprise data intelligence to make all employees who work with data more efficient, effective and collaborative. Even small changes in these areas can improve productivity, analytics and business outcomes, according to IDC. So with the two products combined as the erwin Data Intelligence Suite by Quest, there’s greater enterprise awareness of and access to available data assets, guidance on their use, and guardrails to ensure data policies and best practices are followed. The ability to discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets with erwin Data Intelligence leads to faster analysis and meaningful insights to guide decisions.

Get started now

Data literacy is the key to delivering on data governance and maximizing data potential. Augment erwin Data Catalog with the data stewardship and business-friendly discovery capabilities of erwin Data Literacy today.

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