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erwin Data Marketplace

The simple way to shop for enterprise data. Included with erwin Data Intelligence by Quest, erwin Data Marketplace gives all data users - no matter their technical expertise - the ability to easily shop for the trusted data needed to move your enterprise forward. Use consumer-like data marketplace tools to analyze, compare and share governed, high-value datasets and AI models all within one location. Enable self-service, shorten discovery time, raise data literacy, ensure governance and maximize the business impact of your data.
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erwin Data Marketplace Overview

erwin Data Intelligence delivers integrated data marketplace capabilities to shine a light on high-value data, fuel data accessibility and extend data literacy widely throughout organizations. With erwin Data Marketplace, data users have the data discovery and analysis tools to quickly pinpoint the best-fitting datasets and AI models for their needs and the workflow capabilities to easily request data access. While data stewards and data owners have the curation and governance capabilities to easily support data marketplace users and ensure data governance remains intact. Take a look:
Speed data discovery with erwin data marketplace tools

Speed data discovery

Shop for available enterprise datasets and AI models within a consumer-like discovery experience. Use dynamic filtering, automated data value scoring, social ratings and reviews, and related data intelligence such as mind maps, data lineage and more to quickly shortlist potential fits for your needs.
Easily compare data

Easily compare data

Compare multiple assets at once from a different vantage point using the erwin Data Marketplace Compare feature. Line up properties and ratings of shortlisted datasets or AI models side-by-side to aid in fuller understanding and final selection of the most fitting asset.
Automatically score data value

Automatically score data value

Identify high-value datasets with automated data value scoring based off user-defined weighting of dataset scoring criteria. Automatically sort scored datasets into gold, silver and bronze data value tiers to make valuable data easier to spot for all data users as they shop within the marketplace.
Share user ratings and reviews

Share user ratings and reviews

Take advantage of data knowledge spread across your organization, raise the visibility of useful datasets and models, and fuel a data-literate culture with user-provided dataset ratings and reviews. A five-star rating system makes it easy for all data users to engage and share.
Encourage data collaboration

Encourage data collaboration

Built-in workflow, task and chat capabilities provide multiple ways to communicate and collaborate around datasets and models published within erwin Data Intelligence. Questions, issues, data access requests and other tasks can be routed to data stewards and owners and managed within the software.
Simplify asset curation

Simplify asset curation

Known for governance, erwin provides the data marketplace tools to easily curate and publish assets and manage workflows in one place. Define datasets and models, link technical asset associations (systems, columns, tables, files, etc.), classify data, add searchable tags and assign governance roles.
Govern data accessibility with erwin data marketplace tools

Govern data accessibility

Use erwin Data Intelligence built-in task and workflow capabilities to route and manage data access requests from data users to data owners. Review, approve and deny requests within erwin Data Marketplace, documenting decisions and actions taken for compliance reporting and audit use.
Demonstrate risk compliance

Demonstrate risk compliance

Be audit-ready with an instant view of all asset curation and data governance workflow within erwin Data Marketplace, including data access requests evaluated and actions taken. Extend governance to the data shared within your organization with a full audit history ready for reference at any time.

Maximize Your Business Impact

erwin Data Marketplace can provide all data users the self-service tools to shop for and understand the enterprise data and AI models that can help them make a big impact towards becoming a data-driven business and culture.

Stewart Bond IDC Research Director, Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software

erwin Data Marketplace in action

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See firsthand how erwin Data Marketplace can help you democratize data within your organization by providing all data users an easy way to shop, share and compare high-value, governed enterprise datasets and AI models.

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