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erwin by Quest Portfolio

erwin by Quest offers an integrated, automated platform that combines enterprise modeling and data intelligence software to deliver an enterprise-wide data governance solution. Rather than deploying isolated technical initiatives, organizations rely on data governance programs to fuel a strategic, data-driven practice that facilitates IT and business collaboration in a unified direction. erwin by Quest unites organizations around data and empowers all stakeholders to discover, understand, govern and socialize their data assets to maximize the value of their data while mitigating its risks.
erwin by Quest Portfolio

What software is a part of the erwin by Quest portfolio?

erwin by Quest helps organizations see how data flows through and impacts all their business, technology and data architectures to power every critical decision. Companies using erwin by Quest typically start by implementing one component – tackling data modeling, data intelligence or enterprise architecture first – and then expand and integrate complementary components over time. That way you can focus on your most urgent needs first, deliver organizational value quickly, and align incremental technology investments accordingly. The erwin by Quest portfolio includes:
erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler

The first and most trusted data modeling software, including NoSQL data modeling.
erwin Data Intelligence

erwin Data Intelligence

An enterprise data governance and intelligence platform with data catalog, data literacy, data quality and automation capabilities.
erwin Data Catalog

erwin Data Catalog

Software that automates the processes involved in harvesting, integrating, activating and governing enterprise data according to business requirements.
erwin Data Quality

erwin Data Quality

Integrated data quality capabilities to automate data profiling and data quality assessment, deliver data quality visibility, and address data remediation.
erwin Data Literacy

erwin Data Literacy

Business glossary management and self-service data discovery tools to curate, associate, govern and socialize data assets within a business context.
erwin Data Connectors

erwin Data Connectors

erwin-built data connectors automatically scan, integrate and activate metadata within erwin Data Catalog, and can automate the development lifecycle.
erwin Evolve

erwin Evolve

A full-featured, configurable set of enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis tools.

Benefits of erwin by Quest

Data governance can’t only be an IT initiative; it must be a true enterprise effort to succeed. Whether you’re a data scientist, data steward, ETL developer, enterprise architect, business analyst, risk manager, chief data officer or chief executive – knowing the data you have and being confident you understand how to use it is essential. Data governance is everyone’s business. It’s the guiding principle for data-driven cultures, and for IT and business collaboration that guides risk management, agile innovation and business transformation initiatives. The main benefits of using erwin by Quest are:

Governance of any data from anywhere with end-to-end lineage

Automated data intelligence and improved
data quality

Dynamic impact analysis

Integrated ecosystem with visibility and data linkage across domains

Enterprise collaboration and organizational empowerment

Accurate, real-time data pipeline for holistic decision-making

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Why you need erwin by Quest

Is your organization leveraging its data to the fullest? And are you protected against the risks your data presents? While most enterprise leaders understand the value of being data-driven to better compete, most organizations don’t yet have what is needed to execute. With erwin by Quest, you have full enterprise data visibility and the capabilities to empower enterprise-wide data discovery, data governance, data literacy and regulatory compliance. As well as efficiencies to improve data quality and insights, and more quickly plan and deliver data pipelines, IT modernization, digital transformation and other critical enterprise initiatives. erwin by Quest can help you take control of your data to gain every advantage.

Working with erwin by Quest

With erwin by Quest, you’ll be on your way to making your data a benefit, not a burden. Modern enterprises depend on data to move ahead by capitalizing on new opportunities and establishing competitive differentiation. By working with us, you’ll experience:


A trusted name powering mission-critical applications for the world’s largest organizations.

Vision & mission

To help organizations make faster, smarter decisions based on an inventory of accurate information. 


Successful track records in management, sales, marketing and channel enablement for large public and private technology companies.


Acquisitions and R&D investments to co-create tools for digital transformation that deliver tangible business outcomes for our customers.


Only software platform with integrated enterprise modeling, data catalog and data literacy capabilities powered by active metadata.

Customer focus & satisfaction

Superior support and services with industry-leading customer satisfaction as evidenced by NPS.

Get started now

With erwin by Quest, you can unite your entire enterprise around data governance and truly empower a data-driven culture. See what erwin by Quest can do for you today.