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erwin EDGE Platform

The erwin EDGE is an integrated and automated platform that combines enterprise modeling and data intelligence software to deliver an enterprise data governance experience. Rather than deploy an isolated technical program, organizations can use data governance as a strategic, ongoing practice to facilitate IT and business collaboration. That synergy enables different communities of enterprise stakeholders to discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets to realize the desired results while mitigating data-related risks.
erwin EDGE Platform

What erwin software is part of the EDGE platform?

The erwin EDGE helps organizations see how data flows through and impacts all their business, technology and data architectures to power every critical decision. But you don’t have to implement every component of the erwin EDGE all at once. Because of the platform’s federated design, you can address your organization’s most urgent needs first. So rather than trying to justify a massive expenditure upfront, you can make incremental investments in the erwin EDGE components, including:
erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler

The first and most trusted data modeling software, including NoSQL data modeling.
erwin Data Intelligence

erwin Data Intelligence

An enterprise data governance and intelligence platform with data catalog, data literacy and automation capabilities.
erwin Data Catalog

erwin Data Catalog

Software that automates the processes involved in harvesting, integrating, activating and governing enterprise data according to business requirements.
erwin Data Literacy

erwin Data Literacy

Business glossary management and self-service data discovery tools to curate, associate, govern and socialize data assets within a business context.
erwin Data Connectors

erwin Data Connectors

erwin-built data connectors automatically scan, integrate and activate metadata within erwin Data Catalog, and can automate the development lifecycle.
erwin Evolve

erwin Evolve

A full-featured, configurable set of enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis tools.
erwin Cloud Catalyst

erwin Cloud Catalyst

Automated data modeling, movement and governance software and services to simplify cloud migration.

Benefits of the erwin EDGE platform

Data governance can’t succeed in an IT bubble; it has to be connected to the rest of the enterprise. Whether you’re a data scientist, data steward, ETL developer, enterprise architect, business analyst, risk manager, chief data officer or chief executive – you need accurate, relevant and real-time data to do your job. In fact, we’re all data people, and therefore, data governance is everyone’s business. It’s the guiding principle for IT and business collaboration that produces data-driven insights for risk management, agile innovation and business transformation. The main benefits of the erwin EDGE are:

Governance of any data from anywhere with end-to-end lineage

Intelligence & automation

Dynamic impact analysis

Integrated ecosystem with visibility and data linkage across domains

Enterprise collaboration and organizational empowerment

Accurate, real-time data pipeline for holistic decision-making

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Why you need erwin and erwin products

In these times of uncertainty and massive disruption, is your enterprise data helping you drive better outcomes? Even under normal circumstances, few organizations are truly data-driven. Most don’t use all the data they’re flooded with to reach deeper conclusions about how to generate more revenue, achieve regulatory compliance or make other strategic decisions. They don’t know exactly what data they have or even where some of it is, and they struggle to integrate known data in various formats and from numerous systems—especially if they don’t have a way to automate those processes.

Our ability to integrate and continuously refresh metadata from an organization’s entire data ecosystem, including business processes, enterprise architecture and data architecture, forms the foundation for enterprise-wide data discovery, governance, literacy and strategic use.

Working with erwin to get an EDGE

When you work with erwin, you’ll be on your way to making your data a benefit, not a burden. Modern enterprises depend on data to move ahead by capitalizing on new opportunities and establishing competitive differentiation. By working with us, you’ll experience:


A trusted name powering mission-critical applications for the world’s largest organizations.

Vision & mission

To help organizations make faster, smarter decisions based on an inventory of accurate information. 


Successful track records in management, sales, marketing and channel enablement for large public and private technology companies.


Acquisitions and R&D investments to co-create tools for digital transformation that deliver tangible business outcomes for our customers.


Only software platform with integrated enterprise modeling, data catalog and data literacy capabilities powered by active metadata.

Customer focus & satisfaction

Superior support and services with industry-leading customer satisfaction as evidenced by NPS.

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