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erwin Academic Program

erwin Data Modeler by Quest has been used in classrooms worldwide to enrich data management studies. It complements both IT and business courses at the undergraduate and graduate level by providing hands-on access to conceptual, logical and physical data models. Both students and professors benefit by expanding their understanding of how to discover, analyze, represent and communicate data requirements through the data model. They also gain real-world experience with the most widely used data modeling tool, a highly marketable skillset.
erwin Academic Program


No cost

Qualifying academic institutions can use erwin Data Modeler for free.

Real-world experience

Develop data modeling skills that are in high demand given the data-driven business environment.

IT & business benefits

An understanding of data modeling is beneficial from both an IT and a business perspective, with collaboration between disciplines increasing within the enterprise.
erwin DM Academic Edition

erwin Data Modeler Academic Edition

erwin Data Modeler Academic Edition software is available to students and professors from qualifying universities. The application and approval process is based on the applicant’s email domain, which must be associated with an accredited institution. Once approved, a one-year license will be provided for installation on the applicant’s computer.
erwin Academic Program Application

erwin Academic Program Application

The erwin Academic Program allows qualifying universities to install erwin Data Modeler in their labs to support courses that involve data modeling. To qualify, a program agreement must be completed and submitted to Upon approval, erwin will provide the appropriate licenses.
erwin Academic Program Renewal Instructions

erwin Academic Program Renewal Instructions

If you are an active participant and have a valid erwin Academic Program contract from Quest Software Inc. (not erwin Inc.), you can streamline your continued participation in this program by downloading and completing this renewal form instead of submitting another contract. Once you complete your form, send it to