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Evolution of Enterprise Architecture: Enabling IT to "Speak Business" to Drive Innovation

Enterprise architecture dramatically enhances IT and business alignment within an organization by mapping a company’s applications—complete with an understanding of their associated technologies and data—to the business functions or value streams they enable.

Defining application capabilities and interdependencies within the context of their connection to enterprise strategy paves the way for IT leaders to prioritize technology investments so their budgets align with business goals.

Enterprise architecture is invaluable for internal business intelligence, governance, management insights, and transformation and planning. However, the reality is that most organizations don’t leverage EA to its true potential.

Does yours?

Find out in this white paper about enterprise architecture and its business value in:

  • Aligning business and IT with consistent design, documentation and communication of architecture assets
  • Understanding the full impact of changing business and IT capabilities in support of strategic decision-making
  • Modeling and integrating complex strategy, process, application, data and technology architectures
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders on innovation and transformation initiatives
  • Retaining organizational knowledge

It also discusses the most common use cases as well as real-world stories of organizations that have successfully implemented enterprise architecture.