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erwin by Quest Enterprise Data Solutions

The world’s collective sum of data will quintuple to 175 zettabytes by 2025, according to IDC. That makes connecting the people, processes and technologies that create, manage and use data a big deal. Then, there are data regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA, that cause challenges across industry sectors. erwin by Quest helps organizations see and understand how data flows through and impacts them, so they can realize their data-driven potential and avoid (or at least alleviate) headaches.
erwin Enterprise Data Solutions

What data solutions does erwin offer?

The best way to manage your growing data universe is with a strategic approach that breaks down silos to ensure data (aka knowledge) that supports the entire enterprise and its objectives flows correctly to guide decision-making. erwin provides these solutions to help your organization find, govern, understand and use its data assets:
Data governance

Data governance

Determine how your organization creates, collects, retains and uses data while understanding what it means within a business context and maximizing its security, quality and value. Ensure IT-driven data management and business-oriented data governance work together and make decisions based on a full inventory of reliable information.
Data Modeling

Data modeling

Define and categorize data and view metadata, establishing standards and rules so it can be consumed and then used by information systems and the business functions they serve. Automatically generate data models and database designs to increase efficiency and reduce errors to make the lives of your data modelers – and other stakeholders – much more productive.
Metadata Management

Metadata management

Manage the data about your data, including understanding associations and lineage. Establish policies and processes to ensure metadata can be integrated, accessed, shared, linked, analyzed and maintained across an organization to guide strategic and operational decision-making.
Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture

Align IT with the business by mapping applications, technologies and data to the value streams and business functions they support. Define business capabilities and interdependencies as they relate to enterprise strategy, bridging the gap between ideation and implementation.
Business Process Modeling & Analysis

Business process modeling & analysis

Document how your organization works, including management, operational and supporting processes. With a graphical representation of business elements and how they interact, you can use this data for innovation, improvements and change management.

Benefits of enterprise data solutions

Making smart decisions is imperative for growth and overall success, but that’s hard to do without access to the right information - at the right times and by the right people - in an organized and easily visualized environment. Because erwin solutions integrate and refresh metadata from the entire data ecosystem, we deliver data intelligence you can see and use as the driving force to:

Identify opportunities & risks

Manage risk & compliance

Strengthen marketing & sales

Produce new or improve existing products & services

Improve operational & financial performance

Satisfy customers

Monetize data

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What does your data need to tell you? Find out when your business, technology and data architectures work together, not in silos. Then you’ll know your data truth, and it will set you free. Let us help you connect everything that matters.