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Driving Data Maturity: Webcast Series

In these webcasts, discover best practices for preparing datasets, and leveraging data modeling and data intelligence to pull data from the source and push it into the target. Learn how datasets can be made available and accessible to end users across your organization.

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erwin Data Intelligence empowers leading companies worldwide to discover, understand, govern and share high-value, trusted data across their organizations – all in support of maximizing the business impact of data. Data democratization and the tools, automation and processes that enable it are essential for becoming a truly data-driven company. 

erwin Data Marketplace, new to erwin Data Intelligence 13, provides organizations with one central location for all data users to shop for, share and compare enterprise data.

 Watch this 30-minute webinar to get a first look at new capabilities in erwin Data Marketplace that:

·       Make it simple for all data users, no matter their technical expertise, to shop for high-value datasets and AI models

·       Empower everyone to share knowledge and efficiently collaborate around data

·       Ensure governance remains intact as data democratization unfolds in your organization

See today how erwin Data Marketplace can support your organization’s journey to data democratization.

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Leveraging data as a strategic asset within your organization demands a systematic and structured approach. Through its DaRe (data readiness) team, German-based energy supplier E.ON Group has built a foundation and commitment to leveraging and governing data that helps support its 72,000 employees and 51 million customers.

Hear firsthand from a real-world leader in building successful data intelligence and governance programs. View this webcast to:  

  • See E.ON’s data intelligence and governance journey over the last four years.
  • Hear how data intelligence and data modeling are helping E.ON overcome key market and organizational challenges.
  • Take away practical strategies to drive the success of your company’s own journey to maximize the business impact of your data.

Guest Speaker: Romina Pyplacz, Head of data management and governance, E.ON Group 

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How can data modeling help you when you are adopting and/or migrating to NoSQL?  

For NoSQL databases, erwin DM transforms the structure into non-relational formats, creating a design optimized for query performance. This capability enables an organization to accurately migrate the database with less risk and greater efficiency.  

In this on-demand recording of a live webcast we cover: 

  • Migrating from legacy RDBMS to NoSQL 
  • Document and optimize deployed documents and collections 
  • Develop new NoSQL designs for deployment 

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You need to come up with a data model for a system. But where do you start? What do you need to know? What should you expect from a solid data model? Data modeling experts Brian Kelley and Vani Mishra will answer all those questions and more in this session.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Convert ideas and concepts into data structures
  • Use normalization
  • Move from the logical model to the physical model
  • Implement a physical data model on SQL Server
  • Start the process of creating a data model or tweaking an existing data model
  • Investigate key areas within SQL Server when a database with an implemented data model isn't performing well

You’ll also see how to build a data model in Azure Synapse Analytics and build a logical/physical data model in Azure Synapse Analytics, adding properties like tables, columns, indexes and views to the model. Plus, learn how to share the data model in different types of reports and collaborate on the data model with different teams.

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Leveraging data modeling information within your program can help you realize a quicker ROI, establish standardization and collaboration, and help you evolve your data maturity.

Learn how pairing erwin® Data Modeler by Quest® with erwin® Data Intelligence by Quest can help you:

  • Connect data definition and design governance with your overall data governance effort
  • Fast-track metadata enrichment, business glossary development and sensitive data discovery and classification for data stewards
  • Provide more visibility into the data source development pipeline and raise stakeholder data literacy of business-oriented conceptual and logical model-driven metadata

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erwin® Data Modeler by Quest® is celebrating its 30th birthday as a market-leading, award-winning data modeling solution – and we’re excited to announce the release of our most powerful version yet. erwin Data Modeler 12.5 is here and it will unite tech and business users alike, increase data maturity and literacy and aggressively drive your organization to achieve its strategic business goals.

This webinar will cover:

  • What's new with erwin Data Modeler 12.5
  • Live Demonstration on brand new ER360

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According to IDC estimates, 85 percent of analyst time is spent in data preparation and only 15 percent is spent in actual analysis. Additionally, respondents to the 2021 Quest® State of Data Governance and Empowerment survey said they need an average of two and a half days to fulfill a business user data request.

Pairing data preparation tools, like Quest® Toad Data Point, with the data intelligence visibility of erwin® Data Intelligence by Quest can help analysts cut data prep time dramatically and ensure precise delivery of the requested data by the business.

In this 30-minute, on-demand session, you’ll learn how supplementing data preparation tools with data intelligence transparency can provide analysts with:

  • Data source clarity through a single-source, understandable view of data landscape metadata
  • Related business and governance contextual information, such as sensitive data classifications and applicable data policies and rules
  • Immediate understanding of the data quality associated with the data to be provisioned to ensure “good data” is passed forward

See how data intelligence can help you spend more time in business-impacting analysis and less time in data preparation.

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Companies today have recognized the power of data to transform their business. However, the true power of data is only unlocked when business users across your organization can not only access data critical to smart decision-making but are given the tools to work with that data without the need to be IT gurus. Learn through this Quest discussion with Richard Foley, Manager of Business Intelligence for Essendant, of the growing importance of data democratization to organizational business goals and how Essendant is leveraging self-service data preparation tools to empower their everyday users.

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