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erwin Cloud Catalyst

erwin Cloud Catalyst by Quest is a suite of automated cloud migration, transformation management and data governance software and services. It helps organizations quickly and accurately document and transform their existing data management infrastructures and processes to precisely migrate their data from legacy, on-premises databases to the cloud. Powered by our award-winning, metadata-driven data modeling and data intelligence solutions, erwin Cloud Catalyst automatically finds, models, ingests, catalogs and governs cloud data assets during their transformation and throughout their cloud lifecycle.
erwin Cloud Catalyst

Benefits of erwin Cloud Catalyst

Only erwin provides software and services to help automate the complete cloud migration and data governance lifecycle – from the reverse-engineering and transformation of legacy systems and ETL/ELT code to bulk moving data to cataloging it and auto generating lineage. Working with erwin ensures your cloud-based data processing, storage, exchange and development efforts benefit from:

Support for data cloud platforms

Migrate schema and procedural code from any local database to any cloud platform, including such popular environments as Snowflake, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.


Document and transform data structures automatically with a repeatable, scalable and auditable approach.

Reduced risk

Reduce risk, improve accuracy and ensure compliance with a 1:1 migration of all legacy assets into the future-state cloud environment.

Greater agility

Respond more quickly to changing organizational requirements and technological innovations with the right software, capabilities and processes.

Rigorous data governance

Schedule automated processes to harvest metadata and lineage from technical assets, ETL/ELT and BI processes for synchronization with production environments.

Sensitive data discovery

Automatically discover and tag sensitive data elements, such as PII, to ensure compliance.

End-to-end data lineage

Document your data’s journey with detailed lineage, down to the table and column levels.

Lower costs

Save money, decrease errors and reduce migration time by more than 50%, while instituting full data governance in the process.

What is erwin Cloud Catalyst?

Many of our customers are moving their databases and applications to public, private or hybrid clouds to modernize their data architectures and lower operational costs. Powered by erwin Data Modeler by Quest, erwin Data Intelligence by Quest and erwin Smart Data Connectors by Quest, erwin Cloud Catalyst simplifies and accelerates cloud migration by removing barriers, reducing risks and decreasing time to value for your investments in these modern systems.

But every customer’s environment is unique. That’s why the first step is to work with you in assessing your cloud migration strategy, comparing the current state to the desired future state to determine what automation and optimization opportunities exist. Then we deliver an automation roadmap and design the appropriate smart data connectors to help your IT services team achieve your future-state architecture, including accelerating data ingestion and ETL conversion. This assessment and the subsequent enablement tools erwin provides are the key to simplifying and ensuring a successful cloud migration.

erwin for automated data governance

Transforming and migrating enterprise data to the cloud is only half the story – once there, it needs to be governed for completeness and compliance. That means your cloud data assets must be available for use by the right people for the right purposes to maximize their security, quality and value. With erwin Cloud Catalyst, you have deep and detailed metadata management with full data governance, data lineage and impact analysis. It enables you to automate these data governance steps:

Harvest & catalog cloud data

erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence natively scan metadata associated with RDBMS and other data stores, respectively, to catalog/document data assets.

Model cloud data structures

erwin Data Modeler converts, modifies and models the new cloud data structures.

Map data movement

erwin Data Intelligence defines data movement and transformation requirements via drag-and-drop mapping functionality.

Generate source code

erwin Data Intelligence's automation framework generates data migration source code for any ETL/ELT SDK.

Test migrated data

erwin Data Intelligence's automation framework generates test cases and validation source code to test migrated data.

Govern cloud data

erwin Data Intelligence gives cloud data business context/meaning through the business glossary, as well as policies and rules for use.

Democratize cloud data

erwin Data Intelligence provides business users with a self-service portal for cloud data asset discovery and reporting.

Proving a cloud data platform is the right move

If you need to justify the business case for adopting a cloud data platform and ensure it aligns with your organization’s larger digital transformation and innovation initiatives, then erwin can help you here too. erwin Evolve by Quest is full-featured enterprise architecture design and analysis software that provides a comprehensive view of your operational objectives, strategies, capabilities, applications and infrastructure. With it, you can document your as-is architecture, envision your future to-be state, analyze the impacts, and manage the changes to reduce risks and accelerate the return on opportunity that cloud migration represents.

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