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Health Insurance USA

A non-profit health insurance company that finances and delivers healthcare services across upstate New York and long-term care insurance nationwide. Collectively, the enterprise provides health insurance to nearly 1.5 million members.


The customer was using a CDMA product to centralize data mappings, but it lacked certain desired features like versioning, impact analysis and lineage. This led to increased costs, effort and delays.

The customer sought a solution to manage all data mappings across its data integration projects; track changes to mappings through the change and release management lifecycle; process and assess impact analysis; and view data lineage. The efforts were mainly aimed at achieving operational excellence and to reduce delivery time by 80 percent.


erwin Mapping Manager enabled standardized the pre-ETL data mapping process. The technology is purpose-built to manage data integration mapping through the change and release process. As a result, both internal data mapping and cross functional teams now have easy web-based access to data mappings and valuable information like impact analysis and lineage — saving time.


By implementing erwin Mapping Manager, the customer achieved operational excellence and delivery time reduction by 80%.

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