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Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture

Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture

erwin Enterprise Architecture by Quest powered by Casewise has debuted in the Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture,” positioned as a “challenger.”

According to the report, “erwin Enterprise Architecture by Quest specializes in highly regulated environments, where data drives operations and is critical to organizational success. The solution offers extensive governance and audit trails to ensure that all EA activities are tracked and comply with organizational regulations. The solution is tied together with a central repository, allowing enterprise architects to plan and manage business and IT change in a controlled manner.”

Download the report to learn how Ovum explains the change from EA to AE (architect everything), with architectural solutions being mechanisms for decision-making, impact analyses, financial planning and forecasting, and presenting complexity in visual formats.

erwin Enterprise Architecture provides a complete set of enterprise architecture tools that is highly customizable for integration into the customer environment. It supports numerous industry-standard and industry-defined frameworks and integrates with third-party tools to create integrated, role-based views so enterprise architects and other stakeholders have a thorough understanding of the enterprise.

As part of the erwin EDGE platform by Quest, erwin Enterprise Architecture delivers even more effective compliance and risk traceability across business, application and technology domains because it integrates and continuously refreshes metadata from the entire data ecosystem. As Ovum notes, “erwin helps business and enterprise architects to take a data-driven approach to business transformation, thus reducing silos, decreasing time to insights, and improving risk management.”

Ovum Market Radar: Enterprise Architecture

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